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Battle Maps Weekly: Another Day In the Demon Shrine

Our new maps this week include the ruins of an abandoned demon shrine, Uriel’s throneroom, and a remote gate found in the mountains above the clouds. What awaits your adventurers this week?

Ruins of Brollmoreth by Dyson Logos

“The crumbling spire of an old tower marks the ruins where Brollmoreth, Demon of Shallow Graves and Patron of Silent Children was once worshipped. It is said that the demon physically tore itself out of the stone here after a drop of Demogorgon’s ichorous blood was flung to the ground in an ancient battle.”

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Level 5 – Dungeon of the Mad Mage by Tych Maps

“Five Levels down into the dungeon lies the forest Wyllowwood, under the bright sunlight…although all is not as it seems…”

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Legend of Vox Machina – Uriel’s Throneroom by Tom Cartos

“This is the second map set in my Legend of Vox Machina fan art series – Uriel’s Throneroom! I have also previously released Gilmore’s Glorious Goods! Let me know in the comments which other locations from the show you would like to see as battlemaps.”

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The Military Camp by The Reclusive Cartographer

“Inspired by your suggestions in Discord, I thought a large military camp would be an excellent addition to our theme of Knightly Orders. This map should serve as an excellent location for a campaign hub, infiltration mission or epic showdown, to name just a few!”

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The Forbidden Gates by Cze and Peku

“The idea for the gate came from prayer wheels. We had this cool concept that as they spun they would pull the gate open, so there was this relationship between the physical passage through the gate and the numinosity of spiritual passage. Perhaps you could use this by having the gates immovable unless you have the correct cleric/monk at hand! We imagined that the village would be mostly monks and mountaineering guides, like Sherpas, living off the mountain between the harsh winters.”

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