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Battle Maps Weekly: The Gods Gaze Upon Your Works

We’ve got some brand new battle maps for you. A restored shrine to the god Savras, a lair for sailors of ill repute, a spelljammer ship for the party that has everything, and more. Read on, Dungeon Masters.

Restored Shrine of Savras by Morvold Press

“This is a map of a restored Shrine of Savras from DoIP, but could certainly be used as a Temple of Helm or other deities in your own homebrew. The shrine, itself, has been restored to its former glory, with shimmering tiled floors, proud pillars and a newly refurbished altar. The outer walls have been repaired, as well as some of the broken sections of the interior compound.”

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Ruined Village by Daniel’s Maps

“Some places in Rasfadal have been long since forgotten. These places were abandoned for many different reasons and are now little more than old piles of rocks marking the places the people once called home.”

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Oversized Crypt-O-Morphs by Dyson Logos

“These are atypically sized geomorphs. The three on top are double geomorphs – 20 squares tall by 10 wide; while the bottom geomorph is a triple – 30 squares wide by 10 tall. This allows for larger chambers and more intricate designs than the average geomorph, while also maintaining full compatibility with the usual 10 x 10 geomorphs.”

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Man-O’-War-Class Spelljammer by Milby’s Maps

“There’s a time in every Spelljammer campaign when the party has finally committed enough crimes and looted enough corpses to afford a new ship. Maybe not the Doomlord-Class Planetary Sterilizer they’ve always wanted, but something better. They’ve been cruising around in a stylish, but poorly-armed bugboat for about eight levels now. They used to love it, but now… well, the decks are stained with blood, they’ve got three NPCs sleeping on the floor, and there isn’t a square inch of the ship that the wizard’s familiar hasn’t peed on. So they head down to the shipyard to buy themselves a big boy spelljammer.”

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Sailor Lair by Neutral Party

“As you walk through the city, you reach the waterfront and realize your mistake- you’ve stumbled into a sailor lair! You glance around, hoping your incursion has gone unnoticed, but find that you’ve already been surrounded by burly people wearing white hats with little anchors on them. Your heart sinks as the sailor swarm parts, revealing the Arch Sailor drawing near- its arms plastered in sexy lady tattoos. The terrible beast holds a comically large bottle of rum in one hand and an anchor in the other, it glances wistfully at the ocean before its un-eyepatched eye lands on you. You realize that only a show of bravado will save you now. It’s time to arm wrestle.”

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