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Battle Maps Weekly: There Goes the Neighborhood

This week, map makers take you to the slums of Darklingtown, the courtyard of a wizarding school, and an animated gate to the stars. What challenge will your brave adventurers face in their next session?

Heart of Darkling – Darklingtown Upper Tunnels by Dyson Logos

“Above the “low rent” (really, no rent) Tunnels District of Darklingtown is the poorest part of Darklingtown proper – the Upper Tunnels or High Tunnels District. Like the Tunnels below, these are a set of fairly tight caverns that have been converted into living space by those who couldn’t wrangle space in the riverside neighbourhoods. This district has been through a few boom-and-bust cycles depending on who sets up residence here. For a while, an adventuring guild and a pair of associated businesses were established up here and the whole area prospered with the feeling of safety one gets from living next to a number of moderately potent sorcerers, warriors, and clerics. But with the adventurers moved on, it wasn’t long before the ancillary businesses also closed up shop and the whole district slipped back into slumhood.”

Click for all maps by Dyson Logos

Wizarding School Courtyard by 2-Minute Tabletop

“A large 32×44 battle map of a beautiful courtyard surrounded by the castle buildings of a prestigious mage school.”

Click for all maps by 2-Minute Tabletop

Spring Forest Path by Dr. Mapzo

“A beautiful new day dawns and a dream of spring once again lifts the spirit of the brave adventurers who have endured a harsh and cold winter. The lush, green forest greets them with its splendid sights. Flowers of many colors brighten up the fields and the local wildlife frolics all around. A great day for adventuring overall!”

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Ruined Castle by Daniel’s Maps

“Here was once a mighty castle, home to a powerful lord who ruled over a great kingdom. Now the kingdom has been forgotten, the lord is long dead and the castle a mere ruin. A pile of rocks and crumbled walls that once protected lords, ladies, maid and servants.”

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Celestial Gate by Cze and Peku

“We’ve recreated our popular Celestial Gate and provided both the day and night versions! We won’t usually be doing variations of the animated maps but this one looked so cool at night that we had to include it. We hope you can use this magical map to transport your party to all sorts of different realms. Or teleporting in wonderous monsters or aliens from distant planes.”

Click for all maps by Cze and Peku

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