Lost Atlas

Month: February 2022

Battle Maps Weekly: The Gods Gaze Upon Your Works

We’ve got some brand new battle maps for you. A restored shrine to the god Savras, a lair for sailors of ill repute, a spelljammer ship for the party that has everything, and more. Read on, Dungeon Masters. Restored Shrine of Savras by Morvold Press “This is a map of a restored Shrine of Savras […]

Battle Maps Weekly: There Goes the Neighborhood

This week, map makers take you to the slums of Darklingtown, the courtyard of a wizarding school, and an animated gate to the stars. What challenge will your brave adventurers face in their next session? Heart of Darkling – Darklingtown Upper Tunnels by Dyson Logos “Above the “low rent” (really, no rent) Tunnels District of Darklingtown […]

Battle Maps Weekly: What Danger Lurks Beneath the Lava?

This week, our new maps include a stone arena ringed by lava, the remains of a long-dead dragon, and a spaceship docking bay. Read on for inspiration… Arena of Fire by 2-Minute Tabletop “A large, 44×32 battle map of a wide stone arena surrounded by fiery lava, with a caldera on one side and a […]

Battle Maps Weekly: Luxury and Intrigue Await You

This week’s new maps include a grand estate, a foul swamp, and a mine that has unearthed untold dangers. Which path will your players choose? Lockwood Noble Estate by Morvold Press “The Lockwood Noble Estate is a luxurious, two-story home with a non-linear layout, multiple unique and interesting chambers and would be perfect for: 1. […]

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