Lost Atlas

Battle Maps Weekly: Starlit Tower, Swamp Ruins, more

After some updates to the crawler, Lost Atlas is now much better at pulling updated maps. Looking for new places to challenge your PCs? Check out these trending maps!

Starlit Tower by Afternoon Maps

“Here is our next battle map, a multi-level map I’ve called Starlit Tower. I wanted to make an arcane tower map that was useful in a number of different circumstances. This could be a wizard tower, a home to some magical being, a teleportation tower, or a place specifically designed for some sort of arcane ritual. The star motif kind of developed as I created this layout, I think it’s kinda cool :)”

Swamp Ruins by Caeora

“This is the battlemap I made recently to go with The Dragon Hydra Monster Hunt PDF! I don’t make as many battlemaps as I used to but I had a ton of fun with this one! I think adding in all the standing stones and walkways makes this map nice and vertical for some more interesting gameplay!”

Deep Sea Temple by Cze and Peku

“Our concept for this map was a Kuo Toa Temple, and below that, a secret hatching grounds for Kuo Toa deities. The Kuo Toa are able to imagine their gods into existence, which is what the lower level prayer chamber is for. But we’ve also made versions without the nascent deity incase you’d prefer it to be a boss room or a treasure trove or one of the many other 20+ variations. :)”

Fing Castle by Daniel’s Maps

“Let me present to you Fing Castle, the first map for the Castles and Keep theme. The lady of Fing is Countess Darmaya of the Golban, a stout woman who takes her duties rather serious. Few people have seen the lady smile and some even go as far as to say she can’t. It is believed that she once ventured too deep into the Hofen Forest and made a bad deal with a faerie spirit. The faerie took her ability to smile until she found “true joy”. Every month she has ordered a great feast to be held in the village, in hopes of finding the joy she needs to have her smile returned. From far and wide she had ordered court jesters to visit her modest castle. However, as of yet, she has been unable to. Maybe true joy is not found within the walls of her castle, but beyond the boundaries of Fing Castle.”

Snowy Forest Path Vol. 4 by Dice Grimorium

“As the weather starts to clear up, the group of adventurers decide to pack their belongings and once more resume their travels in the North. Dangerous are the roads in this part of the World, for plenty of creatures and evil doers could attack the now paranoid heroes at any moment. But despite their tiredness and the cold that makes their bones creak with every step, they are sure to use all their experience in combat they have gained until now to use the terrain that surrounds them to their advantage.”

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