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How do Dungeon Masters find battle maps?

A few days ago, I built a quick survey about how Dungeon Masters currently find battle maps. For the most part I’m interested in ways to improve Lost Atlas, but of course data is also just fun. The survey is now closed with 229 responses, so here are some unscientific results below.

The survey used some screening questions to restrict respondents to DMs who play at least once a month, using VTTs for some or all of those games. I excluded players because they typically don’t look for battle maps, and I excluded less-regular DMs because I wanted to focus on those who do it enough that they’ve put a little thought into how they plan sessions.

Q1. Which virtual tabletops do you use? If you use more than one, choose the one you use most.

Fantasy Grounds94%
Other (Owlbear Rodeo)73%
Other (Astral)42%
Other (MapTool)42%
Other (Arkenforge)31%
Other (Tabletop Simulator)31%
Other (remaining)94%

For “Other” answers, I did some manual grouping of free text entry.

Q2. When it comes to the maps in your virtual tabletop games, where do they come from? Choose all that apply.

AnswerCountRespondents %
I don’t use maps in my games52%
I make my own maps15066%
I use maps included in adventures, campaign books, etc that I have purchased12153%
I use maps that I find online21192%

“Respondents %” is the number of unique respondents who chose that option. Since respondents can choose more than one option, both “Count” and “Respondents %” add up to more than 229 (respondents) or 100%.

The 18 respondents who don’t use maps they find online finished the survey at Q2. The 211 remaining went on:

Q3. When you look for maps online, where do you typically look first?

Google Images7736%
The marketplace affiliated with my virtual tabletop31%
DMs Guild00%
Other (My own collection)21%
Other (remaining)31%

The last three questions ask respondents to strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree with a statement.

Q4. When I am planning an RPG session, it is easy for me to find the maps I need.

Strongly agree73%
Strongly disagree84%

Q5. When I find a map I like, I follow or bookmark the map artist for the next time I’m looking for maps.

Strongly agree6832%
Strongly disagree126%

Q6. When I find a map I like, it is easy for me to set it up in my virtual tabletop.

Strongly agree5627%
Strongly disagree10%

Some general thoughts:

How about you? If there’s anything else you find interesting about this data, let me know in the comments!


  1. Great site and very interesting post. Stumbled onto you through Reddit and will definitely be back.

    I’ve actually never dabbled with VTT but have always enjoyed making maps for my own games (even if I’m the only one who ends up seeing them most of the time).

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