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New feature: Filter by environment

Whenever we talk to game masters, one of the most common feature requests is to filter by environment. GMs tell us that although they can use the text search to search for “tavern”, they don’t want to have to hunt and peck for synonyms such as “inn”, “brewhouse”, or “brewery”. So today, we’re rolling out […]

Battle Maps Weekly: Another Day In the Demon Shrine

Our new maps this week include the ruins of an abandoned demon shrine, Uriel’s throneroom, and a remote gate found in the mountains above the clouds. What awaits your adventurers this week? Ruins of Brollmoreth by Dyson Logos “The crumbling spire of an old tower marks the ruins where Brollmoreth, Demon of Shallow Graves and […]

Battle Maps Weekly: Did That Tree Just Move?

This week, our new maps include an overgrown graveyard full of creeping horror, a two-story cathedral, and a magic shop out of Critical Role. What path will your players take in their next adventure? Haunted Graveyard by 2-Minute Tabletop “A 32×44 graveyard battle map featuring a rusted iron fence and a large, dead tree at […]

Battle Maps Weekly: Something Has Corrupted the Waters

This week: A sinister presence stirs beneath an idyllic temple. Cutpurses lurk in the dark corners of Trollskull Alley. And a frozen lair holds icy danger–or glittering loot. Which challenge will your players face? Water Temple – Free Version by Tom Cartos “In recent weeks, Guru Yaminah has felt an unfamiliar presence in the chambers. […]

Battle Maps Weekly: The Gods Gaze Upon Your Works

We’ve got some brand new battle maps for you. A restored shrine to the god Savras, a lair for sailors of ill repute, a spelljammer ship for the party that has everything, and more. Read on, Dungeon Masters. Restored Shrine of Savras by Morvold Press “This is a map of a restored Shrine of Savras […]

Battle Maps Weekly: There Goes the Neighborhood

This week, map makers take you to the slums of Darklingtown, the courtyard of a wizarding school, and an animated gate to the stars. What challenge will your brave adventurers face in their next session? Heart of Darkling – Darklingtown Upper Tunnels by Dyson Logos “Above the “low rent” (really, no rent) Tunnels District of Darklingtown […]

Battle Maps Weekly: What Danger Lurks Beneath the Lava?

This week, our new maps include a stone arena ringed by lava, the remains of a long-dead dragon, and a spaceship docking bay. Read on for inspiration… Arena of Fire by 2-Minute Tabletop “A large, 44×32 battle map of a wide stone arena surrounded by fiery lava, with a caldera on one side and a […]

Battle Maps Weekly: Luxury and Intrigue Await You

This week’s new maps include a grand estate, a foul swamp, and a mine that has unearthed untold dangers. Which path will your players choose? Lockwood Noble Estate by Morvold Press “The Lockwood Noble Estate is a luxurious, two-story home with a non-linear layout, multiple unique and interesting chambers and would be perfect for: 1. […]

Battle Maps Weekly: Starlit Tower, Swamp Ruins, more

After some updates to the crawler, Lost Atlas is now much better at pulling updated maps. Looking for new places to challenge your PCs? Check out these trending maps! Starlit Tower by Afternoon Maps “Here is our next battle map, a multi-level map I’ve called Starlit Tower. I wanted to make an arcane tower map […]

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